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In this Turtle Beach PX5 review (as well as the video review below), you’re going to learn all about this top of the line gaming headset for PS3. Turtle Beach has created quite a reputation for producing quality headsets gamers love to use. The Turtle Beach PX5 is their wireless headset marketed mainly for PS3 gamers looking to turbo-charge their gaming experience, utilizing smart features and functionality. This article will provide a detailed run down of the headset by exploring its numerous features, whilst evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in order to reach a fair conclusion.

The PX5 is a high specification Wireless Gaming Headset aimed specifically for PS3 gamers, whilst it is still also compatible with Xbox 360 and PC it has limited functionality. It has been designed specifically to take advantage of virtual surround sound, allowing the user to immerse and feel the game world around them. The headset is bursting with useful features which users will appreciate and use often, even including multiple Bluetooth capabilities.

Wireless Gaming Headset are great to use due to the freedom from cable tangles or a limited reach. However, this often comes with compromises in the audio quality due to transmitting signals through the air. However, the PX5 uses Digital RF technology to ensure the audio quality remains at a good standard, free from frustrating interference or lag. Turtle Beach are really making a point with this headset, proving crystal clear audio is still very achievable with wireless headsets.

The Hardware

In the latter part of this turtle beach px5 review well look at gameplay functionality. But first, lets take a peek at the physical components.

The Turtle Beach PX5 system is comprised of two main parts, the Wireless Gaming Headset, and home station. The home station contains the sound card which interfaces between the games console and the wireless headset. This also acts as a convenient stand for the headset when it’s not in use, but unfortunately, it does not feature built-in charging.

The back of the home station contains the Digital/Optical Audio input used for interfacing with PS3 console. A Line In input is also available for connecting an iPod, other console or other audio devices. Volume from the line in device can be controlled using a control knob below the input. The Power to the home station is provided through a USB power port which can be connected directly to the console.

The front of the home station features multiple LED status lights for the digital input and Dolby settings. The Dolby surround sound can even be bypassed using a dedicated bypass button, the current status would then be shown by the LEDs. A 3.5mm headphone output socket is also located at the front of the home station. This allows the user to plug in a wired headset which could be used as an additional option for listening. This headsets volume level can then be adjusted using a control knob below the input.


Now looking at the headset, the design has been well thought out to ensure a user friendly experience. The headset utilizes a standard looking headband which has adequate foam cushioning, simple and comfortable. One point which stands out is the fact the ear cushions are not the soft leather as featured on Best Gaming Monitors some other headsets. Although they feel harder there is still plenty of padding used and the webbed pattern finish gives a comfortable and airy feeling when worn.

A point worth noting in a solid review of the turtle beach px5 headset is that these headphones do not have any noise cancelling, therefore they don’t block out much sound from the outside environment. Certain gamers may take issue with this but on the positive side it allows you to still hear friends who may be in the room with you. Overall the headset feels soft and airy to wear, does not apply excess pressure to the ears and sits nicely on the head.


On initial inspection of the microphone it appears to look quite dated, however this is forgotten when considering the quality and functionality. It is totally flexible and can be bent into the preferred position of the user, it can even be completely detached. The microphone incorporates noise cancelling technology which works well at preventing ambient noise pick up. It also includes an effective wind shield which helps to prevent any popping noises. There are no complaints about the performance of the microphone which helps achieve near crystal clear communication between teammates.

The sheer number of practical features are where this headset really excels. One of the main features is the 9 built in selectable audio presets. These presets can be used to radically change the audio settings depending on user’s preferences. For example, one preset could be set up to enhance the bass and booming for someone who wants to enjoy and feel the explosions during game play. Additional presets can be downloaded from the Turtle Beach website or custom created allowing for a large total of 18 audio profiles. These profiles can be quickly and easily activated using buttons on the headset itself.

The Speech verification feature works by using a human voice mapped to numerous different functions. For example, when first turning on the headset, the voice will inform you that the headset is powering up. Whenever a new preset is selected the voice will inform you which number preset has just been selected. This is a remarkably useful feature as each change you make will be confirmed as it is performed, allowing you to keep your mind on the game in hand.

The headset’s Bluetooth capabilities are primarily used for the PS3 chat feature. But the PX5 also allows for connection to another Bluetooth device such as your mobile phone. Due to the fact the headset allows two devices to be connected at once, this enables you to take phone calls without any game play interruption or even stream your music directly to the headset whilst you play.

Smaller but still useful features include a user controlled volume limit, this prevents any unexpected louder sounds coming from the headset. The Microphone monitoring feature allows the user to hear their voice through the headset speakers. A Dynamic chat boost used to automatically match the volume of your chats to your current gameplay as it changes.

Wrap Up

All in all the Turtle Beach PX5 headset provides great value for money, especially when considering the extra features which can really enhance the gaming experience. The headset is built to a good standard and is a quality product, also backed up by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

One minor gripe would be the fact the sound quality is not the best. Although still good and perfectly suitable for gaming purposes, the lack of bass can become apparent when listening to music or watching films. This could be partly due to the lack of leather ear cups which could create a tighter seal around the ears. Therefore if audiophile sound quality is required is required for listening to music then you may want to look elsewhere. The px5 does, however, provide a user-friendly, feature filled and good all round sound quality headset which is great to use for gaming.

I hope you enjoyed this turtle beach px5 review and if you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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